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Trip to Kaziranga National Park - Kalita Tours & Travels

Trip to Kaziranga National Park

Trip to Kaziranga National Park

Icon March 20, 2017
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1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam:– It is an unparalleled saga of wildlife conversation made possible by the tireless effort of the dwellers in Kaziranga. Kaziranga National Park is Best destination for the Tourists and for all sort of people, it possess the unique Eco-system and the home of Big Five Mammals.

One Horned Indian Rhinoceros:-When you will come to this very great, one of the best one horned Rhino Kaziranga National Park you ultimately will wear your concern about the Rhino present here. This park will definitely takes you away from the haphazard of this life and metropolis and make you sit in the wildlife of India which is purely and peacefully connected with the nature. It is a worthwhile visit. Don’t get oblivious to give your precious visitation in Kaziranga National Park and want to make you sure that you will visit again here to fulfill your tempt of Nature.

Climate of Kaziranga National Park:-Three seasons involve in the park- Summar, Monsoon and winter. Winter season starts from November and last till February is a mild and dry. With a high of 250C to low of 50C. The water channels dry up during this season. The summer is hot and high temp. noted 370C. Animals Usually found near the water bodies.

Important Bird Area:-Kaziranga is also famous for Birds, It is a home of Variety of Birds, Predators, scavengers and game birds. Come for the trip to Kaziranga and spellbound with the beauty of nature, mammals and birds.

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Icon March 22, 2017
Icon Chandrama

A fell like a jungle home, thanks to Kalita Tours and Travels for sharing story about Kaziranga National Park


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